Passionate confectioner

A passionate confectioner

In 1881 the French Emperor Napoleon III started the trend for taking the waters at Vichy, which very quickly became a very fashionable spa resort and destination,

attracting the most elegant members of high society from around the world. The Opera House welcomed celebrities, bandstands provided outdoor concerts, the racecourse attracted both competitors and punters alike, the parks and covered galleries provided the shade for a romantic stroll under a parasol. The tea rooms and confectioners attracted a refined clientele, appreciative of the local sweet delicacies.

The Confiserie Thermale was created in 1887 by the Simonet brothers, Henri and André, confectioners by trade, to supply the numerous specialised boutiques in Vichy.

Since that time, their authentic skills have been passed on from generation to generation, but always taking advantage of technical advancements and improvements.
We provide customised solutions for all requests, whether from large groups in the international agro-food industry, major French supermarket chains or specialised shops, such as confectioners, delicatessens or pâtisseries and cake shops.

A passionate confectioner

We regularly produce new creations and contract manufacture products based on specific customer requirements.

This new web site also targets individual customers who can order our products on-line.
We invite you to visit our factory shop to discover our range of products for yourselves.

To sweet lovers around the world, happy tasting!

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A passionate confectioner